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Kingston Shores Condos in Ormond Beach, FL

If you take A1A, which is also called Scenic Highway, north from Granada Avenue towards Flagler County line, for six and a half miles you will be watching the mixture of everything.

Magnificent oceanfront homes on the beach, all type of houses on the west side of the road, mid- and high-rise condos on the ocean, rows of unpretentious midrise condos across street from the ocean… Then the beach narrows and there is nothing east of the road, but the ocean…

And then you come to a 534-acre North Peninsula State Park, all structures end and you drive another nearly 3 miles with nothing but wildlife, the way Florida was hundreds of years ago…

Kingston Shores condos is actually the last man made structure by the shoreline in Volusia County. Twelve 2-story buildings squeezed between the Intracoastal Waterway on the west and Atlantic Ocean on the east. 106 units total.

2 type of units. 1214 sf. ft. condos in one level and 1250 sq.ft. townhome-style units in 2 levels. Actually, all buildings going from east to west are condos in 1 level, and all buildings stretching north to south have townhome-style condos in 2 levels.

Kingston Shores was built in 1973. The building codes were very different at that time. No insulation on the outside walls was required, and I am not even talking about interior walls, as no insulation there is very common.

Imagine being in the guest bedroom when the TV is on in the listing room. No, you won’t see it, but you sure would be able to hear it 🙂

We recently remodeled a unit there, and ended up gutting it and replacing every piece of drywall, putting insulation, and doing a lot of other things there. Looks gorgeous now, but the project sure went over the budget.

So, who is living there? It is a mix of full-time residents/owners and renters. People, who come from crowded cities, love it for its location and laid back feel. There is an untouched natural buffer nearly 3 miles long to the border with Flagler County, there are pristine waters of the ocean, never crowded beaches, something for a soul…

There is a small park on the Intracoastal, and there is no better place to watch magnificent sunsets… and there is only about 400 yards between the river and the ocean…

Nearest Shopping Plaza anchored by Publix is in Ormond-by-the-Sea, and it is about 3 miles distance, not really a problem. Or take a drive to Flagler/Palm Coast, and there are plenty of shopping, restaurants and everything you might want.

Or stay at the complex and splash in one of its 3 swimming pools.

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